Žižka's Square, Tábor, Czechia

3 Interesting Facts About Tábor

  • The city was named after the hill of Thabor near Nazareth, today's Israel.
  • The name "Tábor" in Czech means "camp/encampment
  • Tábor's   reservoir Jordán is the oldest one in Central Europe 
Tábor - on the map Placeholder
Tábor - on the map

Tábor is an around 35.000 people big city that is mainly known in relation to the Hussites - pre-Protestant Christian movement influenced and originally headed by a church reformer Jan Hus. The city also gave its name to Taborites, the radical wing of the Hussites., being their home and fortress during the Hussite wars. 

Although a large part of the city has been demolished over the centuries, the historical downtown still preserves the medieval spirit with many historical signs, therefore it has also been proclaimed a landmark preservation area.

Tábor has quite a lot to offer, that's also why it has become quite popular one-day trip destination. You surely won't get bored by walking the romantic, tiny streets of the Old Town, I recommend you to check the view from the tower of the Church in Žižka Square and Kotnov castle, in case you need a change or aren't lucky with the weather, there is also a couple museums worth a visit, whereas at least exploring Tábor's underground system is a must. is Once you get tired, you take a rest by the pond of Jordán, being a popular relaxing place.

Jirka's TOP 5 See&Do in Tábor

The Hussite Museum with Underground

Visiting the underground system of tunnels built under Žižka Square are a real must-see in Tábor. The other part of the Hussite Museum is dedicated to the history of the Hussites in general.

Museum of Chocolate an Marzipan

The second most popular museum of Tábor, founded in 2012, offers interactive expositions about history of growing cocoa beans, making chocolate and marzipan, as well as chocolate models and dishes. You can also participate in various workshops.

View Tower of the Dean's Church

Climb 200 stairs and crawl under a 2.5-tones bell to get a view over Tábor from a 75-m high tower of the church. Once up, you can also buy from the guy there some vintage stuff, such as old bank notes, postcards, badges etc.

Kotnov Castle and Bechyně Gate

The last preserved parts of the former castle Kotnov - the Kotnov Tower and Bechyně Gate. Inside the castle you can visit an exposition, but I mainly recommend you to climb the tower to be rewarded with a nice view of the town and surroundings.

Žižka Square and Storybook Streets

The square named after Jan Žižka of Trocnov, where also his monument can be found, and the connecting narrow Old Town streets still preserve the medieval, romantic spirit.

Jirka’s See&Do Map of Tábor


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Hussite Museum of Tábor: 49.414200, 14.658800
Pond Jordán: 49.415105, 14.668293
Museum of Chocholate and Marzipan: 49.413000, 14.658200

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