When Media Terrorism Rules the World: People, where did you lose your brain?


Those haven’t lost their common sense, please pray with me: Dear God, Universe, Higher Spirit, whatever or whoever is there, please return people their brains. I can no longer watch this 🙈

Before you start reading, this is not an article by a smart aleck that haughtily wants to show that he is smarter than the whole world. It’s an opinion from a random guy who has seen, experience and been through a lot, yet didn’t lose his brain, the only thing he truly believes in is common sense, can take things with a grain of salt, and naively hopes that sharing his honest opinion may help at least one person stop for a moment open their eyes (mind). Because I can no longer watch all the people listening to lies.

Also, I want to emphasize that it’s only YOU who is fully responsible for your life, and YOU are absolutely free to choose what you want to believe in. You can put me into the same bag with other “crazy” people and continue to live in illusions with other “sheep”.  You can also remember of me in a few weeks, months, years and say….”This random crazy guy actually had a point.

I decided to stand out of this crowd and stopped listening to lies and misleading information created by the media, politicians and other clowns playing big experts a few years ago. My life has become lighter, happier, healthier and much more relaxed. 

Stay panic. There is a reason to fear.

As long as incompetent people such as Angela Merkel or  the Czech prime minister Babiš are in control, there is a reason to fear.

A just came back from Asia, after 6 weeks. Yes, Malaysia and Singapore to be specific! I was preparing myself for a general cultural shock, but what I’m experiencing here after my return is absolutely insane and really hard to digest. I feel like I’ve just woken up in a Hollywood movie. As long as I was there, I had no clue what was actually going on here. When I came back, everyone started to freak out, whereas I only realized that being over there was safer than here… 

Both Malaysia and mainly Singapore were on the list of so-called “high risk” countries, according to the media and politicians dangerous to travel to or from. “OMG, you’re going through Singapore, it’s dangerous. And also to Germany, they are doing very bad now.” But let me tell you this. 

The Asian countries have the whole situation under the control more than here! The same applies to Taiwan and Hong Kong. I don’t how it is possible that those “less-developed” countries with “worse health care systems” (let’s fully exclude Singapore) and “unprepared” people as we like to label them here in “modern” Europe are doing better. How come that none of the countries is on the list of “dangerous” countries anymore? Strange, huh? Ask the big heroes of the European countries to give you some answer. I know a few reasons, but the main one is very simple. They do not freak out, don’t use such a massive medial brainwashing and pressure on emotions, and unlike Czechs they are more considerate of the situation and others. They keep open only one entrance to  shopping malls to check everyone’s temperature, the same happens at the airport where they also check in your passport where you’ve been recently and that’s pretty it. What can you really do differently anyway? The whole process at the Singaporean airport was super fluent, I didn’t experience any stress. In fact, I didn’t feel any difference. I had no idea it was such an issue. When I landed in Germany, no check was done. I passed with my passport through the automatic, self-check. There were no people in scafanders, no drivers locked up in their cockpits taped around with warning signs. But that all changed once I arrived back in the Czech inferno.  

The first point I’m trying to point out is that it’s again just an illusion that the society is being stupefacted by. I personally think it’s safer to be over there than with the paranoic people in the hysteria here, and I wish I could teleport back now…

There is a big difference between caution and hysteria

I definitely don’t want to start criticizing our leaders’ jobs, neither do I want to start a political discussion on this topic. There are many other people out there for that. There is one pushy remark I can’t forbear to mention, though. Being a part of such a global issue and to be responsible for big decisions is a hard role, I guess. But that’s also a part of their jobs’ descriptions and these people should be aware of what they are going for when they want to be elected in such positions. And here is the thing that frustrates me most. These people are absolutely incompetent and through their bad decisions have a huge impact on peoples’ lives. 

I absolutely understand their position, I do understand that they are trying to and have to do something in this situation and it’s not easy. It’s quick, there is a pressure and an ideal decision probably doesn’t exist. There is probably no good solution at the moment and we might be in the point when we have to choose citizens’ health over economic consequences. But seriously, if your “leader” says: “Up to 85% of our population will be infected, we don’t have enough respirators and we also don’t have enough places in hospitals. We have to do something about it. So let’s close schools and cancel events. And by the way we are shutting down restaurants and cafés. And actually also shops. Well, in fact we may also want to shut down public transportation.” They force you to wear face mask that we don’t have and are totally useless anyway, but they don’t wear them in front of the public! either. Seriously, does that f* make you feel safe and trustful? They just keep telling too many lies.

The leaders we are paying from our taxes should be in their positions to make sure everybody is secure, but instead of doing everything to assure everyone stays calm, secured and just fine by making reasonable precautions to make it easier to get things under control, they only rub salt in the wound and are the main cause of hysteria! Everyone wants to be a hero, whereas none of them is set an example to their people. In fact, the feeling I’m getting from them is just that they don’t know what they are doing, and have everything out of control. “No no, we cannot close all restaurants and shops, that would hit the economy.” Just a few hours later, everything is closed and you are locked up at home. They keep changing their decisions every few hours without analyzing the previous precautions, furthermore with immediate effect so nobody can actually prepare for new regulations that have been stated over night. They have have a crisis crew, but they won’t listen to them, because they want to save the world. People don’t know what to expect, get anxious and scared. No wonder the big bosses are no longer trusted, people are attacking supermarkets, the durable products are sold out, and the whole country is kind of beginning to be ruled by anarchy.

We are professionals in swaggering around how “great” our medical system is (another lie being said all the time, but that’s a different story), but when the first real test comes, it turns out that we are actually not prepared at all. Who’s fault is it that we sold all the medical supplies to China and our pre-historic medical system can’t handle the current situation?

But I’m happy to have so many so-called experts around. As sad as it is, over past few years, the most important thing I’ve learnt for my life from them is not to listen to them and rely on myself

To be on their side just for once, though, it is also not easy to fight with the many inconsiderate, irresponsible and ignorant citizens, and I absolutely don’t support their anarchistic attitude. Though, it may have to do again with the overall trust in the politicians and system as such. I totally agree that some actions need to be taken, and if not everybody respects them and others, then we will never get out of this. The way is always the golden mean, though.

Media terrorism is a modern, 21st century’s fetish

Putting all the politicians aside, there is much worse evil in this world – media, which divide the nations into the calm ones, and the sheep. People like me who have realized that watching TV and reading news won’t make their life any better, neither will it change anything, have also found out that the life outside the medial bubble is actually pretty good.

If the main purpose of the press was to give people facts so they are so-called in the picture, they failed. The news you read, see or hear anywhere, no matter whether it’s on TV or the internet, have degenerated into a giant competition, when whoever brings more bad news and grabs attention of more readers is the (sad) winner. It feels like there is no longer space for “neutral” news, let alone positive ones. We’ve been through many (not only) global issues in this world, but I really don’t remember such massive raids on people and their emotions. The current medial bubble has shown how easy is to manipulate with the world, you just need a few sheep and you can stupefy the whole society. 

Can you spot the difference between the two messages?


Czech Republic already has 300 confirmed cases. One of them is serious!


30 out 300 infected people have already fully recovered! Everyone is alive, only one person stays in serious condition. 


How does the first one make you feel? What about the second one? – Boring, right?

Positive news are boring. Nobody will read them. The negative ones start real discussions and create fear. And that’s what media want. People don’t like to be taken their illusions. It would be too hard to face the truth. That’s why they rather choose to go with the crowd and listen to lies. It’s easier.

But here is what they don’t want you to hear. If, out of all those thousands pseudo-doctors, there is one who stays real and tells you the brained-supported truth, it’s immediately hated and considered arrogant and ignorant.

Here is why I think it’s all blown up. In no way I want to trivialize the seriousness, but the whole situation is many times worse because of the panic and fear created by the medial terrorism.

Lie 1: The virus is killing everyone, it feels like we are all gonna die here

Even though I’m sometimes beginning to wish it was true, it’s not gonna happen! Not until we start killing each other. This is just a picture that’s been created! And it’s for a few reasons

  • It’s apparently a virus that is more harder for the body to cope with. But for most of the people absolutely nothing changes. Meaning, if you’re healthy, you will be just fine. And that applies to everyone in general. The best way to stay away from any viruses, bacteria and diseases is to stay fit. Everybody wants to avoid that indeed and stay healthy, indeed, but in case it hits you, you will most likely just have to go through that like through any other flu before, but your life will get back to normal afterwards. The only people in danger are the elderly as their immune system may not be as strong as of the your people, and people that are struggling with other health issues indeed.
  • The tricky part of the virus is that it is apparently highly infectious and have a pretty long incubation period, which makes it hard to track the people down. You may not have any symptoms, but still be a transmitter. 
  • The numbers are stripped of all context. I don’t trust them at all. Simple as that. 

Lie 2: The infection is not curable, there is no vaccination/medicine

  • First of all, the best medicine is your strong immune system and your body itself. So we are coming to the same point, aren’t we? If you want your beloved ones, family members and your friends to be alright, start with yourself first.
  • There is a “medicine” for that. And I’m pretty sure that there is a vaccination, but not telling the people the truth is an essential part for creating the fear. Vaccination is a reaaallly good income. Imagine one billion being vaccinated compulsorily. And that is what is most likely what’s gonna happen. That’s a very good deal for a few months of “fun”. The only question stays who is gonna come up with the revolutional discovery? I think it’s the USA….

 Lie 3: The virus unstoppable

I’m not a doctor, epidemiologist or any expert. And I don’t want to be, therefore I don’t want to start another crazy discussion here. But I guess it will be as long as it has its prey. In ideal case it would stop that would be only people with strong immune system where the virus couldn’t win. That’s of course not gonna happen, unfortunately. These are the more probable versions.

  • Too many dead people are not a business anymore. Plus it would have a huge impact on the global economy, thus for the pharmaceutical companies and powers as well. 
  • Even if I was wrong about all that (but I know I’m not even though you think I’m crazy), there is a very high chance the spreading of the virus will slow down and stop at some point. For a few reasons again.
  • It dies in higher temperatures. Although closing everyone in a sauna wouldn’t probably help anyone heal, the virus itself can’t spread outside once it’s too hot. And there is warmer weather coming in Europe soon.
  • The mankind have survived many disasters and epidemies in the history, however, without any care, machines, appliances and knowledge we have at disposal now. It won’t really be easy and may be really painful, but most of the people can go through that and get back to normal life. The human body is an amazing thing and I do believe it will start adapting a bit and become resistant at some point. And once there is nobody to get infected, thus spread it further, it’s over. I believe in collective immunity.

There is something (someone) much higher behind the Coronavirus

And here it comes. Conspiracy theories….

No. No conspiracy to deal with here. It’s my personal opinion based on my personal experience and knowledge, which may be difficult for all the people living in the social, medial bubble to hear out, as knowing the real truth would take them all the illusions. 

I’m convinced that the whole Corona virus thing has been made up. I mean the virus itself is a real thing, but it just didn’t happen out of the blue. Especially when you look at the crisis with all the consequences now. Someone started it, and they knew very well what they were doing. I don’t want to go too deep to think it is the USA against China, it’s a biological weapon, or just a way to reduced the population. I’m personally pretty convinced there is a really huge business behind it.

There is no vaccination they say? Well, but what if there is already? But there is not enough ill or at least scared people to make a good business out of it yet. But if the vaccination is gonna come up soon? And it is…..you will see. Because too many dead people are no longer business. I bet 3/4 of my funds on the States! Didn’t the virus first started in China? I think it’s hard for for the Americans to accept that China is ahead….

Panic is much more dangerous and infectious than the virus itself

Awesome, you smart ass. So you think we are all fine and should do nothing. No. Actually yes! We are apparently not doing fine at the moment and I don’t want to depreciate the situation, but the only way to get our normal lives back is exactly to do nothing. As I already said, the difference between the caution and hysteria is significant. The hysteria created by media and our famous politicians and experts on everything is the biggest accelerator and danger. It’s more infectious than any virus in the world.

Stay cautious, wash your hands properly, avoid crowded places, don’t kiss with random strangers, eat more vitamins, stay in a healthy shape and just be fine. You will see that everything will immediately start slowly changing to better. 

Please, everyone stop for a moment and don’t give in to the mass hysteria, slow down and take five deep breaths.

The stress and hysteria around are the main trigger of the rapid growth of the number of infected people! Stay away from the media and concentrate on yourself.

And thus….the lately-awaited crisis comes….

Let me share another opinion of mine to spice the whole topic up a bit. This time from a different perspective. I remember some discussions that started, well, let’s say in the second half of the last year. I talked about it with a few people. The economies have been boosting for quite a long time already, there must be a crisis coming. No, no crisis are expected, the pseudo-experts were saying.

Well, and here we come….after 13 years, the economic recession comes again! Nobody was probably expecting it to be caused by a virus, but that’s how it is. Nobody knows what’s exactly gonna happen within upcoming months, but now it’s obvious that the corona virus is gonna shake the whole world. And a lot. You don’t hear much from other would-be experts on everything now, because the media are busy with feeding the society with fear-provoking news to keep the hysteria alive, but once the situation calms down and we can start blaming each other again, this will become the topic number 1! This time, however, the economic crisis won’t be caused by a bankruptcy of a bank, but the virus and the consequent uncertainty resulting in panic around it.

The economic recessions may be a cyclic phase of the whole economy, but it’s not just a thing that exists by itself. It’s created by a panic, by a panic in the financial market. If everyone in this world, or let’s say those who are somehow involved in the market, stayed calm, nothing would, from the long-term point of view move the market. But there will ALWAYS be many people freaking out that are scared of the future, thus selling their actives. Study a bit more about investing if you are interested 🙂 I want to keep this topic for a separate article as it’s too vast. 

The whole point is, we have a global issues that triggers a new wave of some economic recession. Nobody knows the real consequences, nobody knows how long it will take until the whole economy (or in some countries) recover, but the “clever” ones realize that it’s time to use the opportunities the current situation offers. It’s too late to sell real estate or stocks now, but it’s the right time (or even wait a bit longer) to invest for much better prices now. I personally sold most of the Bitcoins I had before the drop, and I’m converting some of my CZK to dollars, because I want to have at least a small backup for the collaps of the Czech economy (The danger now is really really high)….

The whole situation has already shown a lot

Discussion about the consequences of the globally-spread virus and on the entire economy is a vast topic that is better to keep for times that will come after it’s all over. But now we can already see that the crisis has disclosed many problems that have been hidden under the lid. We are not as prepared as they all keep telling us! All the big bosses want to be heroes, but when it comes to that, they all fail. It has shown the incompetency and irresponsibility of the people in charge. Whether there is a group of the powerful ones behind that, or just a nature’s reward for how we have behaved to it, it has shown how really simple is to manipulate, effect and change the whole world. It has shown how incredibly ill we are. And last but least, it has disclosed the character of the nations, especially the Czech one!!!

I personally believe, with all the respect to all people around the world, that this is the “slap” the world needed. Even at the cost of a few thousands human lives…

We haven’t had such a global issues since the second world war, but I only hope this will bring the long-awaited positive change, at least among normal human beings who want to live a happy, stress-free life consistent with nature. We need to slow down, relax more and appreciate more what we have. We have to be more considerate of the nature and other people in this world.

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