5 Interesting Facts About Moldova

  • Moldova is considered the least touristy country in Europe
  • Moldova is the 20th largest wine-producing country in the world 
  • Moldova also boasts the largest wine cellar in the entire world 
  • Moldova is a country with 2nd highest consumption of alcohol per capita in the world
  • Moldova is a small country, yet has a break away territory and even an autonomous territorial unit 

Iceland - on the map Placeholder
Iceland - on the map

The faraway European country

Iceland had been for quite a long time by tourist sort of a forgotten place, I would say. Recently, however, it's popularity has been increasing. Perhaps also thanks to pretty cheap flights from many European cities.

But the main reason, well, I can't actually think of any other reason, why this island has become so attractive for many people is the nature. I can confirm that it's really stunning, and I could hardly think of another European country with such a varied landscape and so many wonders of the Mother Earth  - from (active) volcanos and wonderful waterfalls, through ocean and craters, to moon-resembling scenery.

A Few Days in Iceland

Good to know before traveling to Iceland

1.Rent a car

You do need to rent a car in Iceland for three reasons:

  1. It's chepear. Much cheaper. Naturally, it depends on how many you are, as the more people share the car, the cheaper it becomes, but even sharing a car by only two people is still worth it. And all the companies operating near both the Keflavík airport and Reykjavík airport and in the surrounding villages know that very well. We used the public transport only once, the next morning after returning the car, to get to the airport. It was 7 minutes by a normal public transport bus and we paid over 800 ISK (approx. 6.50 EUR) There are tens of car rental companies in Iceland, so there is definitely something to chose from.
  2. It's much faster and convenient. First of all, you are on an island so the density of roads is not really gorgeous. Secondly, there are no trains and basically just a few buses running between the bigger cities (which are like...very few) and they operate usually only a few times per day. If you didn't have a car, you would be dependent only on these buses, or extremely expensive guided tours, and could visit only the places reachable by them. And that's surely not what you want and why you flight all the way to Iceland.
  3. It will save your trip when it rains. And it will rain a lot, seriously.  

2. Do not forget a raincoat! A few actually

I mean not at all. Like everywhere, there are indeed certain exceptions, such as hostel and perhaps a bit more touristy places, such as Cricova, don't even try to communicate with locals in English. Moldovans are ones of the most closed people, for very long time they had been a part of Romania and under influence of Russia, so there has never been a reason to put through the English language. Unless you speak Romanian, it will better work with any Slavic language as many people here speak Russian.

3. It's expensive. It's friking expensive

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