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Tips For Low Budget Traveling

Although I think that nowadays the internet is full of blogs and other travel related websites sharing tips on cheap flights and various other advice on how to travel cheaply, I keep running into many people asking basically the same questions, and telling me the same excuses for why they can't travel.

Let me share my my personal tips, recommendations and know-how here as well, and thus make your travels easier and cheaper.


1. Plane

I know this sentence sounds like a cliche, but it applies to traveling by airplane too. Traveling by airplanes is easier (and cheaper) than before, especially in Europe. The times when flying was something noble are a history. Nowadays, you can travel to many places of all around the world for pretty reasonable prices. If you still haven't found out, let me help you now.

Use flight search engines to find the cheapest flights

The flight search engines - aggregators - are websites using an algorithm that is able to crawl the entire internet, search and check all the booking engines, airline websites and travel agencies to bring you the cheapest possible  price of the desired fly ticket, so you don't have to do it manually by yourself. If you learn to use them right, they may really help you save a lot of time and money as well. 

There are many other flight search engines on the internet, but I'm pretty sure in most cases you will just make do with those. They are the best anyway.





While the mentioned flight search engines may give you an idea of most of the lines and prices, their drawback is that they won't always cover all low-cost airlines. Another thing to take into account is that they are very useful for finding cheap connections, but the options shown on their website are not always the cheapest way. And that's why I usually use them to find flight connections and airlines between destinations, but then I go and search manually on the airline's websites.

Here is the list of the low-budget airlines.

Low-cost (European) airlines

Jirka's additional tips for cheap flying

  1. 2. Train

  2. 3. Bus

  3. Car

  4. Hitch-hiking/carpooling

  5. Sharing a car with someone else is definitely the most ecological, adventurous way of traveling.

Jirka's tips for even cheaper traveling:

  • Traveling by plane will be in most cases much more expensive on weekends (Friday, Saturday), whereas plane tickets are usually chepest in the middle of a week (especially Wednesday)
  • Many low budget airlines change their prices in the evening of Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays (I know Wizzair does it on Tuesday)
  • also airlines use on some algorithms on their websites websites - if one term starts to be be popular, the price goes up. If you check a certain flight a few times or too often, the price shown in your browser will secretly rise up. Delete your broswer's cookies (or just use a different browser), the price will drop back.


Alright, let's say you've found a flight to an interesting destination and the price is actually much cheaper than you thought, so you're finally getting exciting and want to go. Now you start, that sounds really cool, but where am I going to stay? Perhaps I should really call the travel agency and get the package they have for a great last minute/early bird price now. Nah, and what about the 30-50% comminsion you are gonna leave them? No worries, you can make it cheaper. See this.


I used this website for the first time when I moved to Budapest in 2012, and have been using it since then.



There is not many people who would never heard about AirBnb, but there are still many people who have never used it, however.

Booking servers

,, Trivago,, Agoda