5 Interesting Facts About Cyprus

  • Cyprus is, in fact, divided into four segments (yet only 3 countries)  
  • Cyprus  geographically belongs to Asia 
  • Cyprus is a land of cats 
  • Cyprus is a birthplace of the Greek goddess of love and passion Aphrodite 
  • Cyprus has the only capital city in the world situated in two countries 

Cyprus - on the map  Placeholder
Cyprus - on the map

A Few Days in Cyprus

Good to know before you travel to Cyprus

1. In Cyprus they drive on the left side!

One of the things we can certainly be proud of in the Czech Republic. The public transportation here is very good and still pretty cheap (yes, even for the Czechs is pretty affordable). Basically the whole country is very well covered by either trains or buses, travelling is quite fast and reliable. T

2. Cyprus consist of three countries

This one is my favorite  discussion and get in trouble, you should never say this when talking with a Czech person. Yes, Czechs like to be considered and always compare with "western" countries.

3. They do speak English here

4. From North Cyprus you can only fly to Turkey

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