Jeseníky Mountains

The Jeseníky Mountains

A couple of tips for places to visit and things to see, accompanied by a few photos, in the highest moutain range of Moravia – the Jeseníky Mountains

The Dlouhé Stráně Hydroelectric Power Station

The Hydroelectric Power Station called Dlouhé Stráně ranks (since 2010) among the 7 wonders of the Czech Republic. It can be found in the very heart of the highest moutain range of Moravia, and at the same time the second highest moutain range of the Czech Republic, the Jeseníky Moutains (with Praděd as the highest peak).

In fact, the whole power plant system, which also has the largest reversing water turbine in Europe, consists of two reservoirs – lower and higher. To both parts of the power stations, excursions are provided. Apparently, they do provide excursions also in English, but you always have to make a reservation in advance. 

I didn’t manage to get in for the excursion since the capacity was full, so I can’t give you my personal opinion, but either way, I guess the Dlouhé Stráně Hydroelectric Power Plant has become a popular tourist place not so much for being a plant, but for being a hydro plant at altitude of 1,350 m and its wonderful views over the surrouding Jeseníky mountains. 

There is a chairlift from a small town called Kouty nad Desnou that can bring you to 1094 m a.s.l., to Medvědí hora (Bear Hill). From there you need to take a 3 km long walk.

Here is the official website, however, they don’t have it in English, unfortunatelly.

You can find all the information about the Power Plant in English here:


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Dlouhé Stráně - Horní nádrž: 50.074571, 17.158614
Kouty nad Desnou - Charilift: 50.101044, 17.116552
Praděd: 50.083611, 17.231389
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Dlouhé Stráně - Horní nádrž
Horní nádrž, Loučná nad Desnou, Czechia
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Kouty nad Desnou - Charilift
Kouty nad Desnou, Loučná nad Desnou, Czechia
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Praděd, Malá Morávka, Czechia

Praděd – The Highest Peak of the Jeseníky

Praděd is the highest peak of the Jeseníky mountains, with the height of 1,491 m a.s.l.. it’s also the highest peak of Moravia, and 5th highest peak of the Czech Republic.

If you just want to reach it the easiest possible way, you can take the usual “touristy” hiking trail, starting from place called Ovčárna

A couple of photos from the Jeseníky Mountains

If you want to see all pictures from the Jeseníky or the Czech Republic, please go to my Flickr website.

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