5 Interesting Facts About Norway

  • In Iceland celebrates the National Beer Day on 1st of March
  • There are no mosquitoes in Iceland
  • Iceland is  the only NATO member country without an army
  • In Iceland you can find one of the two places in the world where two tectonic plates meet above surface 
  • In Iceland you won’t find even one McDonald’s nor Starbucks 

Norway - on the map Placeholder
Norway - on the map

A Few Days in Norway

Good to know before you travel to Iceland

1. Iceland is a very expensive country. Very expensive.

2. Take lots of raincoats (umbrella is useless)

Yes, one of the things you definitely need to have packed with you - a raincoat. One trust me, one won't be enough

3. Do hire a car

4. Many places are not possible to reach without a 4x4 car

5. Iceland is one of the safest countries in the world

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