5 Interesting Facts About Turkey

  • Turkey lies on two continents ┬á
  • Turkey hasthe highest tea consumption per capita┬áin the world
  • All over Turkey you can find more than 82,000 mosques┬á
  • Turkey can pride itself in having more than ten UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  • Turkey (the country) has given the English name to the bird species┬á

Turkey on the map Placeholder
Turkey on the map

A Few Days in Turkey

Good to know before you travel to Turkey

1. The Turkish don't speak English

I mean not at all. While in the touristy places, such as Istanbul or Antalya they are obviously used to tourists, thus can communicate in English, once you leave the busy places, you will have to make do with your hands (or other parts of your body), or ideally learn some Turkish. I warn you, most people can't say even a word. But they will try to communicate and help anyway.

2. Prepare for a lot of tea. A lot. And coffee

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