Prague, Czech Republic

5 Interesting Facts About Prague

  • Prague has the largest castle complex in the world has
  • Prague has the central Europe’s largest club
  • Prague has the largest castle in the world 
  • Ostrava lies both in Moravia a in Silesia 
  • Ostrava has a castle that used to be situated 16 m higher than today
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Prague - on the map

Jirka's TOP 5 See&Do in Prague

Lower Vítkovice Area (Dolní oblast Vítkovice)

The most famous industrial site of Czechia – the complex of former blast furnaces of Lower Vítkovice that has been turned into an industrial museum, having been on the list of tentative UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 2001

Landek Park - Mining Museum

Mining Museum – the largest mining exposition in Czechia where you can put yourself in miners‘ shoes in an authentic pit.

Nová radnice (New City)

The New Town Hall of Ostrava is actually the highest town building in Czechia, the most interesting part of it is, however, that you can get to its top to be given a nice view of the city.

The Ema Slag Heap (Halda Ema)

Even in Ostrava you can find hills, basically none of them are natural though. Halda Ema is basically a (still active) waste rock, which inner temperature reaches 1,000 °C, and on it its top you can see and smell smoke of methane and sulphur dioxide.

The Prokop Valley (Prokopské údolí)

Once you get tired of walking the concrete jungle through the crowds of tourists and feel like getting some refreshment while still staying in Prague, go to the Prokop Valley. It's a city's nature reserve where you can walk through or above the va...

Good to know before you travel to Prague

1. Avoid fraudelent exchange offices

2. Avoid fraudelent exchange offices

Jirka’s See&Do Map of Prague


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Petřín Gardens with nice views: 50.086941, 14.390717
The Žižkov Tower: 50.080966, 14.451098
Diková Šárka valley: 50.101643, 14.316730
Farmers\' Market Tyl Square: 50.074735, 14.432248
Farmers\' Markets at Pankrác: 50.048059, 14.450347
Farmers\' Markets in Kubánské náměstí: 50.071161, 14.478768
Farmers\' Market at Kulaťák: 50.101313, 14.393678
Farmers\' Market at Náplavka: 50.077200, 14.414200
Riegrovy sady (Riegar Gardens]: 50.080167, 14.439898
Děvín Hill: 50.051270, 14.404449

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