Hrubá skála - Český ráj, Czech Republic

5 Interesting Facts About Czech Republic

  • Czech Republic has the highest rail network density in the world 
  • Czech Republic has most petrol stations per capitain Europe
  • Czech Republic has most e-shops per capita in Europe 
  • Czech Republic has the largest castle in the world 
  • Czech Republic has the  highest beer consumption per capita in the world

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Czechia - na mapě

Good to know before you travel to the Czech Republic

1. One of the best public transportation in Europe

One of the things we can certainly be proud of in the Czech Republic. The public transportation here is very good and still pretty cheap (even for Czechs pretty affordable)


Believe or not, Czech Republic has the highest rail network density in the whole world. It's such a small country, to most of the places you can get by train! I've run into a few blogs and websites


The Czech rail network works just very well, but if all the train connections are not enough for you, it will be covered by buses. 

Traveling in Romania by bus has also its worse side, though. They aren't really comfortable, only exceptionally have an air conditioning so in summer months you may enjoy a couple of hours in a sauna bus.  Many lines (even many long-distance lines) are operated by small buses so if you have long legs like me...well, sitting with your hip straight but your upper body to the side needs some yoga practice. And last but not least, they are also slow. Throughout the country you can find only a few kilometers of highways, they basically don't have express roads, so even the main roads go through towns and villages, thus in case of big traffic, an accident or other road works, your journey may take much longer than expected. The timetables are very approximate and sometimes you just wait for a bus that finally never arrives. Yeah, public transportation in Romania is lots of fun - sometimes the drivers forget to stop, sometimes they stop for someone waiting in the middle of a field. Once there were people loading like 200 kg of potatoes 😀

To find your connection with timetables, use, it works perfect.


Because of the reason mentioned above, hitch-hiking in Czechia is not common, it's actually very rare. Both trains and buses are quite fast and cheap so there is actually not really a point in wasting your time by waving at cars. Perhaps for the same reason, perhaps of a different mentality, I don't know, but even carsharing doesn't work well. I've never used it here myself, never really heard of anyone else who has done that, and if you look at  Blablacar, you won't find many offers.

3. Be prepared for bears and other wild animals

And...dogs. There are many wild, homeless dogs around Romania, and I personally think the dogs may be more dangerous than any of those forest, "wild" animals. In fact, neither of the wild animals really look searching for a human companion, but random, sad, hungry dogs with rabies are definitely not the nicest thing you can encounter. Locals say they are not usually dangerous because they are used to people, but I don't know....better to be aware of them. 

There are certain rules and steps you should follow when you happened to be acompanied by a bear, as well as there is a certain way you should behave towards wild dogs, but about that later on my blog.

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