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5 Interesting Facts About Ostrava

  • Ostrava has an industrial site on the tentative list of UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Ostrava is a defeated candidate of 2015 European Capital of Culture
  • Ostrava has a famous nightlife street with more than 60 bars & clubs
  • Ostrava lies both in Moravia a in Silesia 
  • Ostrava has a castle that used to be situated 16 m higher than today
Bohemian Switzerland - on the map Placeholder
Bohemian Switzerland - on the map

Bohemian Switzerland (don’t mix it with Bohemian Paradise) is the newest of the Czech national parks, which also ranks among the most beautiful places Czechia has to offer at all. No wonder it has gained lots of popularity and is now probably the most sought after destination by tourists, after Prague.

I know many people wonder why is this place called Switzerland although it's located in the Czech Republic and Germany, and from the real Swiss country it is like 1,000 km away. So here is the story, the name Bohemian-Saxon Switzerland was inspired by and officially started to be used after the visit of two Swiss painters - Anton Graff and Adrian Zingg - as the rocky landscape of the park was resembling them their homeland.

The whole national park is actually split into two parts, the smaller part called Bohemian Switzerland (České Švýcarsko) is situated in the Czech Republic, and the bigger part - Saxon Switzerland (Sachsen Schweiz) lies in Germany. To tell the truth, to explore and really enjoy the whole national park you will need a few weeks, but there are a few must-sees to start with.

Jirka's TOP 5 See&Do in Ostrava

Právčická Gate (Právčická brána)

The most popular place in Bohemian Switzerland, yet worth a visit. Pravčická brána is the biggest natural arc sandstone (gate) in Europe. From the nearby lookout, there is a stunning view over both the Bohemian and the Saxon part of the park.

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Landek Park - Mining Museum

Mining Museum – the largest mining exposition in Czechia where you can put yourself in miners‘ shoes in an authentic pit.

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Nová radnice (New City)

The New Town Hall of Ostrava is actually the highest town building in Czechia, the most interesting part of it is, however, that you can get to its top to be given a nice view of the city.

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The Ema Slag Heap (Halda Ema)

Even in Ostrava you can find hills, basically none of them are natural though. Halda Ema is basically a (still active) waste rock, which inner temperature reaches 1,000 °C, and on it its top you can see and smell smoke of methane and sulphur dioxide.

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Michal Coal Mine

If you still don't get enough of mines and would like to know more, visit also the Michal Coaline (Důl Michal) - museum of mining located in a former coal mine.

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Good to know before you travel to Bohemian Switzerland

1. Not so difficult to get there cheaply

Over the past years, the National park of Bohemian Switzerland has become a very popular destination, and it's surely no longer of those hidden gems of Czechia. After Prague and Kutná Hura, it's basically become the most visited place among tourists at all. There are many travel agencies and private guides organizing tours from Prague, usually for a very high price. 




Jirka’s See&Do Map of Ostrava


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Landek Park - Mining museum: 49.867202, 18.260136
Ostrava - New Townhall: 49.841470, 18.290734
Old stadium of Baník Ostrava: 49.844210, 18.299575
City Stadium in Vítkovice: 49.804175, 18.253570
Ema slag-heap (Halda Ema): 49.839311, 18.315411
Stodolní Street: 49.835574, 18.283997
Tourist information center: 49.834440, 18.287752
Oblast Dolní Vítkovice (DOV) - Lower Vítkovice: 49.819300, 18.279600
Ostrava Zoo: 49.843739, 18.319445
Silesian-Ostrava Castle: 49.830536, 18.299382
Ostrava Musem: 49.835090, 18.293266
Former Miners\' Houses in Vítkovice: 49.815281, 18.266959
Důl Michal - Michal Mine: 49.842411, 18.344679
Masarykovo square: 49.835700, 18.292500
Komenský Gardens: 49.849661, 18.290606
Ostrava-Poruba: 49.828460, 18.173447
ČEZ Arena: 49.804979, 18.248463
Miniuni - The World of Miniatures: 49.831035, 18.292966
Komenský gardens (komenského sady): 49.849883, 18.290176

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