Final Conclusion – The Best Student City In The World !


GentVlagFinally, after a very very very long time I found some time to add a little to make a small final conclusion of this famous Erasmus stay in Belgium. As you can read in my previous posts, there is no question that I had a great time. To sum up Erasmus as such, I would use a sentence with which every student that has experienced it on own hook agrees: Erasmus gives you a lot, but also takes you a lot…Being on Erasmus is a rare thing and not everybody has this opportunity.

Plenty of Funny Experiences


In fact, I have plenty of funny moments to share. Do you remember I said you get lots of experiences and experience from Erasmus? I have experienced many moments, I have been in many new and sometimes strange situations, very often full of adrenaline. However, that’s what definitely belongs to Erasmus, doesn’t it? So I’m gonna tell you about some adventures.