Final Conclusion – The Best Student City In The World !


GentVlagFinally, after a very very very long time I found some time to add a little to make a small final conclusion of this famous Erasmus stay in Belgium. As you can read in my previous posts, there is no question that I had a great time. To sum up Erasmus as such, I would use a sentence with which every student that has experienced it on own hook agrees: Erasmus gives you a lot, but also takes you a lot…Being on Erasmus is a rare thing and not everybody has this opportunity.

Mr. Pumpkin

There is one thing for sure. You cannot do it again. And it would lose the rareness anyway. From my point of view, one could say: what started with Erasmus, ended with Erasmus as well. Erasmus is a gorgeous experience. Maybe you wouldn’t even believe how much fun you have. You make plenty of friends, you learn new stuff, you make lots of crazy things (like…on Halloween you put a real pumpkin on your head and go partying :mrgreen: ), you learn to do new things, and mainly you learn how to take responsibility for yourself. Of course, you improve your language skills and make many trips with lots of amazing experiences.

The little Erasmus problem is, once you get back home, everything is gone. Forever. You have a lot of memories, but in fact all these memories just stir up weird feelings when browsing your photos. It’s nice to have friends anywhere around the world but, honestly, it’s very probable that many of them you won’t ever meet again. But still, you can keep in touch and who knows 🙂 Okay okay, enough sad notes. This is just the worst part of Erasmus everybody needs to accept, but in spite of that…’s absolutely worth it!!!