One Month in Portugal – Perfect Destination For Winter


My life will always be a never-ending adventure. My initial plan for Portugal was, of course, a bit different. I came to stay in one place till Christmas, and perhaps afterwards come back again. In the end, I stayed at the first place only a week, then involuntarily came back to Lisbon, and nearly returned back to the Czech Republic after only two weeks. But I let it be, didn’t give up and gave Portugal “another chance”.


My 2017 In A Nutsell – A New Personal Travel Record Made

Jirka's Map of Travels in 2017

As the end of the year has come, I also looked back one more time at my life in 2017. I guess it’s become already sort of a yearly habit not to be satisfied enough with how it went 😀 Nevertheless, although this year didn’t really go as I wished either, this year I would like to share my short summary with you, because I believe it’s worth it. If at least one person reads it all and finds in it at least a little kick in their butt, then it surely is. I’ve had another difficult year, yet when I think about it again retrospectively, I think there are reasony to be proud of myself….


First week in Portugal: Mixed feelings and unpleasant experience


I landed at the Lisbon airport. We departed 30 minutes later due to a de-icing of the airplane, but the pilot stepped on the gas and caught up so we arrived almost on time. I’m rewinding the watch one hour back to the Greenwich time. When I was leaving Katowice, it snowed, here we have a nice summer evening temperature of 15°C.

I was supposed to stay at a Couchsurfer’s place who offered me a couch for one night, but I didn’t get any response from her since, so now I have to look for a hostel. Fortunately, it’s not such big trouble for me since it’s off season and there are many hostels which are half-empty and cheap, so I just go to the center and choose one. I’ve used Couchsurfing many times already and always had only good experience, this is the first time I’m going to give a negative reference. Hopefully the last one ever.


What Two Months of Wandering Around Romania Have Brought Me

Romania - Hitchhiking

Coming back one more time to my Romanian adventures, I would like to make a brief conclusion. As I’ve already said many times in the last months, the good thing about not having anything to lose is that you can only gain (more about that in my first post). And after the past 2 months I can only say I’ve gained really a lot. Adventures, experiences and experience, new contacts, and also new views and ideas. If you hear people talking about stepping out of your comfort zone, I think in these 2 months of adventures I’ve simply become a definition for that 


The Last Week of My Romanian Adventure


My last week of traveling 

Friday 30th September

My two months of adventures have come to their end and this is my last post. I’ve really had a great time. The final week was full of traveling, and perhaps the riches in experiences of all. I hitch-hiked from the Piatra Craiului to the border with Serbia, found a way to get to a Czech village of Svatá Helena where I visited my countrymen, and then, in the middle of nowhere, stopped someone sent by angels who brought me to Belgrade. Through Novi Sad and Subotica I went to Hungary, and after one day visit to Szeged spent a few days in my beloved Budapest. Stopping by Győr and Bratislava, psyched and full of experiences and great memories, I returned back to Czechia. I’m going to do it soon again!