6 Weeks in Southeast Asia – The Best Travel Experience


My first time in Asia (perhaps) could have not been any better

I’ve traveled a lot in my life, I’ve been to tens of various countries, seen hundreds of places and experienced so much that sometimes it feels like there is not really much new for me out there, and it’s not easy to get as excited about anything as I used to get. Living out of my comfort zone has just somewhat become “normal” and I feel like it’s no longer possible to get my travel experiences even higher.

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My 2017 In A Nutsell – A New Personal Travel Record Made

Jirka's Map of Travels in 2017

As the end of the year has come, I also looked back one more time at my life in 2017. I guess it’s become already sort of a yearly habit not to be satisfied enough with how it went 😀 Nevertheless, although this year didn’t really go as I wished either, this year I would like to share my short summary with you, because I believe it’s worth it. If at least one person reads it all and finds in it at least a little kick in their butt, then it surely is. I’ve had another difficult year, yet when I think about it again retrospectively, I think there are reasony to be proud of myself….

The Fourth Week of My Romanian Adventure


Week 4: The Second Volunteering Experience

Wednesday 30 August

Ten days of my second volunteering experience are over. I’ve had such a great time! I spent 10 days helping a family in the Piatra Craiului National Park. This place is just so extremely beautiful. It was basically ten days without a proper internet connection and, believe ir or not, I didn’t really miss the online life. I rather tried to enjoy the work outside in the fresh air, the nature and the beautiful views as much as possible, so I didn’t even devote much time to writing my blogs and I’m therefore posting my memoirs with a delay (as always). But I believe that you can understand 😉

The Second Week of My Romanian Adventure


Week 2: First time volunteering

Wednesday 16 August

The second week of my journey has just passed and I would like to share some experiences and moments with you again. After almost a whole week of wandering around Romania, looking for a wi-fi connection and searching for a host, I finally found some peace and quiet. It’s been a week of my first volunteering, and If I shall summarize it in a few words, before I arrived I had had quite weird, mixed feelings and can’t say I felt too happy about the place and the circumstances, but in the end, in a way, I got attached to this place and, believe it or not, now it doesn’t feel so easy to leave.

When you have nothing to lose…thus you just decide to go to Romania


They say when you have nothing to lose, you can only gain, isn’t it? I’ve heard many times in my life the sentence: “well, you have nothing to lose”. Then, I’ve also heard “there is always something to lose”. I believe that there is always something to lose. If nothing else anymore, then the hope. However, I can honestly tell you guys from my own experience, there are situations in which it feels like there is really not much to lose, sometimes you have just very little left to lose. As sad as all this sounds, the good thing about it is that any risk you are going to take is pretty low then….