Cyprus – A Country of Two Faces


It has already become kind of a habit to write a small conclusion after my visit/stay. Thus, I’m also going to do it now, after 3 weeks spent in Cyprus.

One of the labels I would use for this country to express my impressions is “country of two faces”. Not only because the island is divided into two very different parts, but also because it feels very different in summer and in winter. Indeed, the weather is different too, but it’s just not about it. I spent here three weeks in February, and for me it was just the perfect time of the year to do it. It’s not so hot, the temperature ranges between 13-20°C, yet there is lots of sunshine, and on some days it even gets above 20°C. But above all, there are just a very few tourists. That brings along some advantages, of course. Hostels are emptier, cheaper, and basically any beach you choose, you can have just for yourself.


What I’ve noticed here, though, is that the whole island of Cyprus also sort of hibernates during the winter months and many places just feel pretty dead. The most surprising situation for me occurred in Limassol where most of the bars were not even open and many shops closed at 3 p.m. on a Wednesday. But the opposite extreme comes round in summer, I guess. It feels like the entire island is just made for tourists and I can imagine that the summer season, with all those artificial beaches, expensive, modern resorts, promenades with casinos etc., must be a real madness everywhere.

Cyprus is a nice place, and in my opinion a perfect destination for a winter escape, even though it rained this winter quite a lot, and 15° C may not be enough for some people, for me it’s still better than 15 below zero. People are nice and helpful, and in the Cypriot (south) part of the island, most of the people speak English. Cyprus has a sea and mountains, and I find the whole island pretty safe.

All in all, for me, however, it feels like one of those relaxed places worth a visit (I definitely recommend autumn/spring) just a few times in your life. This island is not so big and there is not that much to see. I believe I’ve seen pretty much everything. Especially the south part is very relaxed, and I was really pleasantly surprised. On the other hand, I can’t clearly imagine to live here, though. And there is just sooo much to see in this world!