(Unplanned) Winter Escape to Cyprus: My Crazy Life Story Continues

Akaman Peninsula, Cyprus

I got already used to the fact that hardly anything in my life goes according to the plan. All the personal coaches will dislike me, but that’s why I rather never plan. And actually, that’s why my life is sometimes beautiful. Only sometimes though, not always…

Not really right now. It is, in fact, the reason why I’ve, after one year spent in Prague, ended up in Cyprus. At this point, I don’t really feel like sharing what I’ve been going through recently, just hope it’s been happening for a good reason that I don’t see right now. One of the main reasons I decided to come back to Prague after all my previous travels was that I wanted to have a home. A place where I could always come back to whenever I would feel like. I wanted to find some stability and start building something. But that didn’t happen. Almost exactly one year I occurred to be in the very same situation as the year ago, starting from the square again…

Thus, being disappointed, frustrated, cold and without a home, I eventually decided to leave for winter again, and land for a few weeks somewhere warm. If only take Europe into consideration, there is a winter basically everywhere. There are a few countries where the winter is much better, warmer and with much more sunshine, however. The choice for this winter is Cyprus.

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