What The Heck Am I Doing In Budapest?

Budapest Keleti Station, Hungary

Finally, I’ve pushed myself to share something with you again and I’m launching my second blog (Yayy)! A blog about another life abroad, in which I would like to give you a picture of what the life here in Budapest, or should I say Hungary, looks like.

Before I start writing about new adventure(s), I guess you are all wondering why I decided to come to Budapest. This is a question I’m frequently asked, anyway. So….here is the story.

Actually, there is no special story behind. The main reason is that I simply got bored in my home country (Czech Republic) and therefore wanted to go abroad again. Well, yeah, maybe I also started to suffer from so called “Post-Erasmus – Not wanna Stay-at-Home” syndrome, I have to admit. Let me explain it. This is a syndrome that most of the people get when they return back home from Erasmus (a very popular student program in Europe, when based on an agreement between universities, you can spend 1-2 semesters studying abroad). The ones who have ever been on Erasmus can perhaps imagine what I mean. For those who never have (sorry, but you made your life mistake) – you usually get a feeling that suddenly you no longer have anything to do, that your life is over and you don’t want to accept the reality of being home again. So the point is, I, along with most of the Erasmus people, or should I say post-Erasmus people, decided to accept new challenges and again start a new adventurous life abroad.

Now, Budapest…..why would you go to Budapest? To be honest, I never considered this destination before. I wanted to move abroad again, but never thought of Budapest. It just came up…I don’t know, I just got an opportunity to come to Budapest, so eventually I thought, well, it’s not really Western Europe though, but why not to move to the capital city of Hungary instead…

And the opportunity was a job offer. I got hired for an international company, it was a challenging position to me, and, you know, I love challenges! 🙂 I was convinced it was going to be good experience, full of good experiences as well. Not only because you get another line in your CV, but mainly because you can explore another beautiful place, where you can get to know lots of new people and experience many new things. Plus, you never know…you never know who you can meet, you never know what it can bring you. I believe you now understand me. So here I am, starting my new life…