What Two Months of Wandering Around Romania Have Brought Me

Romania - Hitchhiking

Coming back one more time to my Romanian adventures, I would like to make a brief conclusion. As I’ve already said many times in the last months, the good thing about not having anything to lose is that you can only gain (more about that in my first post). And after the past 2 months I can only say I’ve gained really a lot. Adventures, experiences and experience, new contacts, and also new views and ideas. If you hear people talking about stepping out of your comfort zone, I think in these 2 months of adventures I’ve simply become a definition for that 

One day I just decided to book a ticket to Romania and had no idea what was gonna happen. But I just didn’t think about it. And these two months turned out to be one of the best and luckiest times of my life! 

I learnt about running a business with handmade bricks and roof tiles. I volunteered in one of the most wonderful places I’ve ever seen – in the mountains in the Piatra Craiului National Park. I really enjoyed the mountain peace and quiet and close touch with the nature, learnt a lot not only about manual work and running a small farm, but also many, many other things, styles of living, cultural differences or different people’s attitudes.

On a very low budget, I’ve visited more than 30 places, 4 countries – Romania, Moldova, Serbia, Hungary – and in total made unbelievable 4.000 km, out of which 3.000 km was by hitch-hiking with zero costs!!! The fortune finally got to my side, I’ve seen amazing places (such as the Transfăgărășan road and Balea lake), met many nice people, I totally lost the fear of unknown, pushed my limits pretty high and showed that there’s no impossible! I have plenty of crazy experiences to share, and most importantly, I feel now more satisfied and relaxed. I share my memoirs with the biggest experiences on my blog and hope to encourage as many people as possible.

Traveling, end especially this vagabonding, is sometimes tiring. Carrying your backpack(s) on your back, looking for a place to store it, transporting, hitch-hiking, looking for a place to sleep and eat, lots of walking indeed. But I don’t know, I always enjoy it very much, and for some reason I always feel happier when I travel. All the usual worries people have at home, including me, they’re just gone. I don’t have to listen to anyone, I can do whatever I feel like. I can go wherever I want. Very often, I also hear many prejudices. And it applies basically to every country. About people, places, about everything. What I’ve found out is that in most cases they are false. Very often I’m asked if I’m not afraid. To tell the truth, I’m not. When you dare, things will in the end always work out for you. I think that very often people are just afraid of themselves. But whenever I travel, it feels like I meet only good people. Okay, not only good people, but there are always many, many more than those bad ones. I met people who wanted to give me money, or offered a place to sleep. Sometimes I don’t believe it myself. And one more thing, even though I travel alone, I don’t really feel alone. When traveling, I find it much easier to start a conversation even with a stranger.

It was an awesome experience and I’m going to do it soon again!

Remember, the amazing things happen when you step out of your comfort zone!


P.S. I’ve also recorded a few videos, let’s believe I find time to make a short movie soon 😉

For the time being, you can see a couple of clips on my YouTube channel